Fairyproof Hosts First Ever Twitter Space with Guests from DfDunkNFT and Kraze Web3 Football, Discuss NFTs and Security Amidst World Cup

Blockchain Security Company Facilitates Healthy Discussion on NFT and their Safety as Football Season Reveals Rising Trend of Sports NFT Adoption.

Singapore, September 15, 2022 – Pioneering Blockchain Security Company Fairyproof hosted a live AMA on Twitter in light of the rising trend for sports NFT adoption amidst the world cup. The Twitter Space, titled “The World Cup is coming with NFTS! Fans please calm down”, was joined by DfDunkNFT[1] Community Manager Giselle, and Kraze Web3 Football[2] Founder and Sport8 International Ltd[3] CEO Bai Qiang. Hosting the session was Fairyproof’s CEO Tan Yuefei. The turnout was a healthy 52 participants.

In the discussion, Tan gathered useful and interesting insight from both engaging guests on how NFTs should be kept safe. Of which, keeping them on cold hardware wallets and looking for signs of pump-and-dump were among the many points that were raised.

Giselle emphasised users to adopt a “DYOR[4]” attitude, and being alert in discerning potential scams in the form of phishing links and impersonators of NFT technical teams. She also mentioned the stealing of IPs to be an emerging concern. Additionally, she agreed on the importance of projects to involve cybersecurity companies to improve security through triage and audits.

Meanwhile, Bai Qiang brought to light the matter of NFT utility to be an area of concern for adopters even though prominent football players have endorsed NFTs – Cristiano Ronaldo having launched his first NFT collection on Binance as one of the many emergent cases for adoption.

“Hearing from our two gracious guests, it is comforting to know that NFT security is an area that adopters will need to pay attention to. I am thankful that we have the privilege to host our guests at the time,” Tan comments post-discussion. “It was a productive, interesting Twitter Space discussion. I am positive that our users will find something they can learn from the one-and-a-half-or-so hours of our session.”.

Tan also expressed great enthusiasm and positivity for future Twitter Spaces that Fairyproof will host, “We are thinking of hosting AMAs like these at least once a month, or in the best-case scenario, once bi-weekly. Sessions like these not only help projects connect with one another and for us to get to know people better; but also help crypto users increase their knowledge on crypto security, in turn, strengthening the global NFT and crypto community.”.

To listen to the Twitter Space session: https://twitter.com/FairyproofT/status/1602996314047860737?s=20&t=TdwTbTAP-Scw7vb4NJJm-Q

About Fairyproof:

Fairyproof is a pioneering blockchain security company established in 2021 with the slogan “Make IT a Safer Place”. They have been actively developing blockchain security solutions and Ethereum standards, and have meaningfully contributed to established Web3.0 projects like Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and HECO.

For more information, consult the following channels:

Website – https://www.fairyproof.com
Telegram – https://t.me/Fairyproof_tech
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[1] DfDunkNFT is an NFT project created by the Hiroshima Dragonflies, a basketball team under Japanese men’s profesionall basketball “B League”. (Twitter: @DFDunk)

[2] Kraze Football is a Web3 platform for football fans, integrating real games and virtual experience. (Twitter: @KrazeFootball)

[3] Sport8 International Ltd is an International Sports Industry Platform (Twitter: @Sports8China)

[4] Do Your Own Research

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